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The beauty of each dancer’s emotional movement completely overwhelmed me.

This was the first ballet I have ever experienced - and I am entirely sure that it will not be the last.

Perhaps in writing, the name ‘Waltz of the Flowers’ or ‘Pas de Deux’ fails to hold any significance - however every tune is a household familiarity.

Without a doubt there’s nothing like the buzzing atmosphere of a crowded theatre, but I feel the cinema has its own charm too.

How does the Center take care of the First Photograph?

Our latest batch of nostalgic school pictures covers the Belle Vue schools.

Tchaikovsky has impacted our musical environment more than we could imagine - his symphonic soundtrack was more familiar than I ever realised.“We welcome the external review of governance that has been arranged by the school.The Christmas favourite, which was streamed to more than 30 cinemas around the world, is staged by Peter Wright who gives the production a modern twist - heavily focusing on the romance between Clara and Drosselmeyer’s young nephew.I must admit, with this being the first ballet I had ever seen, I didn’t know what to expect and whether I could follow the plot.However, the music and cast’s expressive movements acted like a script and, paired with The Nutcracker synopsis I received, it was absolutely delightful.

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