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Summary : Baba Mohammad Yahya Khan is Sufi and a living legend of this era.He is Spiritual Mentor of many people around the globe.He is known for writing the Imran Series and has written short stories for children as well.He is the anchorperson of a famous saraiki radio talk show from Radio Multan, "Jamhoor-de-Awaz".jnha2us23e6m93d Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi rahmatullahi alayh... Summary : Dosto aaj ki is video main main aap ko iraq ki 1 assi mashoor o marood aur sufi silsila-e-Qadiri kay bani Yani kay Hazrat Abdul Qadir Gilani (R. Summary : Shaykh Mumtaz Ul Haq - Who told Zakir Naik what is Sunnah?Summary : Alipur Ka Ailee/ علی پور کا ایلی Part 1 " CH: Alipur Ka Ailee/ علی پور کا ایلی " Book by Mumtaz Mufti/ ممتاز مفتی ✓ ✓ For the Next Part 2: A) Ki bigraphy documentary aur history k related... Summary : Spiritual Dimension of PAKISTAN, 1965 war. 8 or 20 Rakaat Taraweeh Follow on twitter: UK Allama Sher Hyderi Amir Qummi qumi Ehsan Ullah Farooqi...He has written many high rated novels like as Shilmaak, Bagoop, Khamosh Cheekhain, X-2, Ganja Bhikari, Tiger In Action, Juana In Action and many more.Mazhar Kaleem has also written stories for young children.

He is best known for his autobiography, Shahab Nama.

While many writers notably Safdar Shaheen & Ibne-Rahat tried to cash in on the popularity of Imran he is unparalleled now as undisputed master of writing Imran Series.

He has written over four hundred novels and has introduced new style of spy novels writing. Owing to lack of effective copyright laws in Pakistan, many writers tried to cash in on Ibn-e-Safi's popularity and began writing Imran Series and Jasoosi Dunya (another popular series by Ibn-e-Safi), shamelessly using identical characters.

His original name is Mazhar Nawaz Khan while Kaleem is his literary adoption.

He had two sons and four daughters but his eldest son Faisal Jan died at the age of 31.

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