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He is better than any guy my age,’ said Ami, who declares she is proud to be helping change people’s views on relationships.‘We posted a vlog about our relationship and got so many questions, many from the U. Everyone loves sex and people seem acutely fascinated with age gap sex,' Ami explained.‘We decided to discuss everything from David’s penis size to using Viagra.All questions people want answered but are often scared to discuss with their older or younger partner or even scared to discuss with their GP,’ said Ami.Once the couple started uploading their vlogs, they got a great reaction which included questions from other partners from around the world who are too scared to take their age gap relationship into the bedroom.‘More questions meant more videos.I don’t want people to have to go through that kind of devastation.I need to speak out now so other people have hope for the future.” It’s why her lawyers are also campaigning for revenge porn to become illegal in the US, as currently laws differ in each state and there are no federal laws that criminalise someone posting sexually explicit material online without consent.It’s why her lawyers are now going down a civil path to file a suit under the Malicious Communications Act.

More videos can be found in stockings, webcam, milf porn videos in our community. “I don’t want other victims to go through two years of not being able to speak out, or the shame of telling someone you were the victim of revenge porn.There’s tons of search videos of people trying to find videos of me.It was on that You Tube channel that Chambers first realised what had happened. I was petrified.” Chambers found a number of videos on porn sites showing her naked while her boyfriend had sex with her. Once I was able to get up off the floor from the initial shock, because I’d literally fallen to the ground, we started contacting the porn sites where the videos were being shown.” She had little luck, and went to the police in Atlanta, but was told there was nothing they could do as the videos had been uploaded in the UK.It had been filmed on the night four years ago where she’d been intoxicated and unconscious. She contacted British police, but was told the incident had happened in America, so they could not help. I didn’t realise how serious it was until I woke up in ER from passing out from too much alcohol.” It was then that she started having trauma therapy, and found legal support from London firm Mc Allister Olivarius, which agreed to take on her case, and start action in the UK, as that’s where the videos were uploaded.

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