Roleplay chatting of desicouple

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So thats what she did for the next half hour, going over the list she made for the trip and also going through her suitcases not only once but twice.It was a bad habit but one she could not stop, the therapist she used to see said it would become easier to deal with the o.c.d. Her mother recently has been showing up daily, worried about her, telling her she wasn't eating enougg.I look closely at the dresser and all the things on it from where I sit on my bed.There's my pink striped makeup case containing eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss, and various other makeup related utensils at the far left of the dresser.

Yes she missed Kerli, wishing to be in her arms once again, which she never thought would happen again but then Kerli called and invited her on this trip out of the blue.

Over the pass mouth I guess, Jon and four other dumbasses who messed up their relationships and have a girlfriend or boyfriend that's all depressed and shit now decided to hit up this place all the way in Ireland.

Now me and these two others are being forced to pack our bags and go to some dainty little town in Ireland. I open my eyes and look right at my left wrist that's on my bed holding me up by my hand as I sit.

Next to it is two bottles of hair spray and my perfume.

Next to that is a small wooden jewelry book that contains a few rings, silver bracelets, and silver necklaces.

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