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These areas have many beautiful women and they tend to be bright as well.

I am a single (27) on LI in Nassau County and it is tough, IMO.

I was born here, but after college lived in FL and last year was in Boston.

I've been to Huntington Village and found it to be very young- like college kids.

What's the main issue to you: the attitudes, the level of attractiveness, or the fact that they are "bashful"?

It seems that everywhere I go, whether the supermarket, a bar/restaurant, the gym, bookstore, etc- there are few and far between attractive singles out there.

I was a bachelor living in Plainview for a number of years.

In Manhattan you'd often find bright interesting women but they ended up being jaded or snotty.

I see attractive women (and men) everywhere I go on LI.

Of course LI won't have as many Manhattan type bars/restaurants, etc, due to it being a suburb but you can surely find a few "Manhattan vibe" places in GC, Huntington, RVC, etc. I think what he's asking for is a sophisticated and cosmopolitan type of woman that you would normally get in Manhattan.

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