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Bart had quickly forgotten his strange wake of a month ago, but Lisa hadn’t. The sex had been good, but she was only interested in playing with Milhouse, not actually dating him. He said as he walked over and picked up Waylon off the floor by his arm. He didnt want to seem any weaker than he was to the large and muscular man who was now forcing him to stand upright. Soon the devil found out so h strait away went to Barts house and put to sleep everyone.But even from afar, she could tell Milhouse wasn’t only interested in her. Waylon gritted his teeth in anger and tried to leap up with the intention of going after the man but his muscles refused to cooperate and he gave a howl of agony at his sudden movements. He then took them to the dungeon but surprisingly it was Krusties house and the devil ran away again.Continue reading The Whole Thing of the Matter Is Note: Yet another Simpsons fanfiction. A bit more edgy than the Moe-related fics I have done in the past, but real life has trauma as well as we all know. Yeah, I guess I am a little sweet on Moe, but what can I say, I love his character. Of course, we have our own tastes and we've done our best to follow our own desires in making this site. We hope that you'll find porn at For The Girls that will also appeal to your own tastes and desires.And we hope to help you ignite your imagination and perhaps explore new tastes and fantasies as well.For The Girls is an ethical site, run independently.

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